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sahi - regex how to specify an indeterminate row number for a textfield element in a table row column

i have a datatable that expands with a new row every time i click an "add new row" button, and only the new row will have an editable textfield input, so to generalize the sahi script code you can use a regex, so it will match whichever single row has a visible textfield input:
_setValue(_textbox(/detailForm:agrSCFactorsTable:\d{1}:SCF_nameIn/), $name);

\d{1} means a digit (number) with 1 in length, i.e. 0-9.

so that regex will match elements like:
_setValue(_textbox(/detailForm:agrSCFactorsTable:0:SCF_nameIn/), $name);
_setValue(_textbox(/detailForm:agrSCFactorsTable:3:SCF_nameIn/), $name);
_setValue(_textbox(/detailForm:agrSCFactorsTable:7:SCF_nameIn/), $name);

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