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gimp - how to make a black and white transparent font non-transparent

i have the following font:

it looks like it will be solid white with black outline, but when you put it on top of another layer in gimp, the white is actually transparent (no white color):

so, if we want the text to be white with a black outline, then click the text tool (A) and select the color black, then type in your text, as shown in the above image.

click the "select by color" tool:

click anywhere in the text layer (except, of course on the black text):

now everything but the black text is selected.

now click the "bucket fill tool" and select the color white: 

hold in the shift key and select anywhere in the text layer (except, of course on the black text):

now click the "fuzzy select" tool:

and click somewhere in the white in the text layer, outside of the letters:

press the delete key. now your text is filled with white:

finished product:


samsung galaxy gio android cell phone "memory full"

i was updating some apps on my samsung mobile phone today and got a message telling me the phone was running out of memory:
memory full
internal phone storage space is nearly full
delete/uninstall some applications or data and try again


if you don't have "advanced task killer" installed, then install it.
to fix this, open advanced task killer, press the bottom left "button" (menu icon) on the phone and choose "service".
then click the tab labeled "downloaded" at the top left in the app.
now click on an app and then click the button labeled "move to SD card".

this will free up space on your phone memory.


samsung galaxy gio usb icon not appearing in system tray when i connect usb cable

when i connect my samsung to my computer to transfer files, the usb icon wouldn't show up in the phone so i couldn't connect to my computer. it would charge my phone but wouldn't connect to the computer.

i read this page:

and it suggested to type in some code and choose some different options, then reboot, but that didn't help me.

i found out that the usb cable was the problem. i just used a different usb cable and it worked! =)


asus eee pc laptop not connecting to wireless internet automatically

my friend's asus eee pc laptop wouldn't connect automatically when she started it up so to fix it i clicked the "network connections" icon in the system tray
then clicked the caissa wireless connection line and clicked properties
then chose at startup for start mode