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how to generically find "this" richfaces rich:modalPanel's jsf non-html-rendered id, i.e. the id in the jsf/xhtml code (-"Container")

when this code is run in a browser:
<rich:modalPanel id="changePwdPanel" onshow="alert(">

it outputs the following:

and the resulting html code looks like this:
<div id="changePwdPanel" style="display: none;"><input autocomplete="off" id="changePwdPanelOpenedState" name="changePwdPanelOpenedState" type="hidden" /><div class="rich-modalpanel " id="changePwdPanelContainer" ...

if you want to get the actual modalPanel coded id, i.e. changePwdPanel, you can e.g. do this:

<rich:modalPanel id="changePwdPanel" onshow="alert((,''))">

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