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why a blogspot/blogger blog is better than a facebook musician/band page when you publish your music on soundcloud

Imo, the one main reason a blogger blog is better than a facebook Musician/Band page, when you publish your music on soundcloud, is that your music is way more easily exposed to the user in blogger. Compare the screenshots below and see what you think.

My "Nickleus" facebook Musician/Band page

people have to click that soundcloud link, and then they are redirected to the facebook soundcloud app page, which looks like this:

it takes some configuration to set this up too. read my guide to configuring your facebook page to use the soundcloud app. (note: the soundcloud app is currently unavailable, so you have to use the BandPage plugin--this is explained in that tutorial).

now take a look at soundcloud on your blog (taken from my Nickleus Music Technology Blog):

all you have to do here is paste a link into a gadget in the blogger layout admin and all your music is right there. users can start playing a song, then keep reading on the page. here's how to add your SoundCloud music to your blogger blog.

i recommend you have both, but i can pretty much guarantee, according to how things currently are now, that your music will be heard by more people through your blogger blog.

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