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[SOLVED] sony xperia sola cell/mobile phone won't charge after battery became fully uncharged (the phone turned off because it ran out of battery)

what i had to do to get the phone to charge again:

1. take off the back cover

2. remove the battery connector cover. you don't have to remove the speaker cover at the bottom, like in the video (see link at bottom), or unscrew anything at all. on my phone there was a sticker on top of the battery connector cover, and a tiny, thin piece of sticker from the battery on top of/overlapping the battery connector cover sticker)

3. remove the battery connector (you can do it with your fingers or a knife--you don't need any special tools.

4. i let the phone sit for about a half hour, with battery connector disconnected. then i reattached it and then charged the phone.

NOTE: the last time i tried it, the phone wouldn't charge at all--the little, red, charge light never came on. i eventually found out that it was because the usb connector into the side of the phone wasn't connecting properly (it was a little loose), so i had to wrap the usb cable around the phone a couple of times to make a tight connection, essentially putting tension on the usb connection into the phone, pulling the usb cable up towards me. the wrapping procedure was just so i could put the phone down while it was charging, so i didn't have to hold the phone.

(GTV screenshots taken from this sony xperia disassembly video)

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