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firefox "downloadthemall" plugin "hijacks" "download flash & video" plugin - how to make downloadthemall's video filename be the title of the video

before, when i just had the firefox add-on called Download Flash & Video installed, i would click on the down-arrow icon, e.g. on a youtube page and select video-title.mp4 and it would save the video with that exact title, e.g.:

but then i had to install DownloadThemAll! for something here at work and after it was installed, then the DownloadThemAll! dialogue came up after i clicked on the mp4 link in the Download Flash & Video down-arrow icon list!

DownloadThemAll!'s default Renaming mask is:

and would save the youtube mp4 file as simply as:

so, to get DownloadThemAll! to save the youtube video file like Download Flash & Video used to do, set the Renaming mask to:


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