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ubuntu linux chrome cant click flash popup to allow local storage permission [SOLVED]

my son was trying to go to, but when the page loaded the adobe flash dialogue popup box was asking for permission to store information locally, but it was impossible to click the allow button. to fix this i right clicked on it and chose "global settings".

then in the "storage" tab
* click "allow sites to save information on this computer"
* click "delete all"

then in the "camera and mic" tab
* click "block all sites from using the camera and microphone"
* click "camera and microphone settings by site" and "remove" all websites

do the same thing in the "playback" tab

then in the "advanced" tab remove all the sites in "trusted location settings"

click "close"

restart chrome

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  1. Wait a second i right click and go to global settings and it brings me to The adobe site and All it does when i click the tabs is bring me to a help place please help!