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sahi, suggestion: "_wait(maxTime, condition)" with "AND" functionality, not just "OR" -- stop execution if "condition" returns false

i wish there was an additional "_wait(maxTime, condition)" function that would stop execution if condition returns false.

as of now, it seems as if "wait + condition" continues execution no matter the outcome of "condition", which makes it an "OR" test, but my suggestion would be for an "AND" test, i.e.:
wait, up until maxTime is reached, and if condition is still false, then stop execution.

i want this because of network/server response timing issues, specifically related to ajax operations.

i just posted this as a discussion in the sahi forums:
suggestion for _wait: stop execution if condition returns false

to achieve the same thing today, it looks like you'd have to code it like this:
_wait(10000, _assertTrue(_isVisible(_link("detailsForm:saveAgreementBtn"))));

and this gives the same functionality, but with less code, but also may look potentially confusing:
_wait(10000, _isVisible(_link("detailsForm:saveAgreementBtn")));

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