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[SOLVED] jboss 7 jdk 6 startup in debug opens FileNotFoundException.class: Suspended (exception FileNotFoundException) jdk/jre/lib/zi/UTC

i started to encounter something weird when i was starting up my local jboss 7 instance in debug mode (using jdk 6):
FileNotFoundException.class would open in the eclipse debugger

with this error message in the console:
Suspended (exception FileNotFoundException) ~/workspaceEclipse/tcTrunk/jdk/jre/lib/zi/UTC

i figured out that "zi" means "ZoneInfoFile"

i can see that there's a UTC file in zi/Etc/:


all i had to do to fix this was copy the file to the expected folder:

cp ~/workspaceEclipse/tcTrunk/jdk/jre/lib/zi/Etc/UTC ~/workspaceEclipse/tcTrunk/jdk/jre/lib/zi/

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