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sony xperia ubuntu 13.04 usb not connected can't read storage sd card, but the phone charges

i tried stopping, killing and clear cache for all processes related to usb and mtp, but still couldn't get ubuntu to recognize my mobile cell phone.

then i went here on my sony xperia:
settings > wireless and network settings > tethering (but didn't do/click anything)

then after about 30 seconds the phone connected to ubuntu.... weird.

sometimes i get the following error message in ubuntu:
Unable to access “SEMC HSUSB Device”
Unable to open MTP device '[usb:003,003]'

quite the headache...

it seems like maybe this has something to do with it:

"most probably it’s a result of hardware failure rather than a driver or kernel bug. USB has an over-current protection, which gets triggered when power consumption from the port is too high.
Unplug all USB devices from PC, turn power off, and wait a minute or two. Plug everything back and boot into Linux."

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