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richfaces "white screen" (blank white page) bug after saving. code injected into header title tag

in our app we experienced some very mysterious behavior. when we submitted a form and redirected back to a list page, the operation would complete and the data would get saved, but the page we redirected back to (a list of price agreements) would render just a blank white page.

when we looked at the source code of that result page, we could see that the content got "injected" into the html head > title tag, therefore the page was blank.

the reason, we found out, was a mail-sending exception that wasn't getting properly handled, so it had nothing to do with richfaces. additionally, a mail template had a hardcoded method call that contained a spelling error so that was failing as well.

<ui:repeat value="#{myBean.someClass.despathParties}" var="despathParty">#{}, #{}<br /></ui:repeat>

despath should have been despatch

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