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[SOLVED] what is the @T() method and where is it documented? razor? c# .net?

today i finally figured out what the "T method" is :)
it's a part of Orchard CMS and is used for localization (translating strings to other languages/locales):

@T("Price"): <b>$@Model.Price</b><br />

from the orchard article "Building the Templates":
This is very plain rendering of the shape. Notice the use of the T method call to wrap the "Price" string literal. This enables localization of that text.

from the orchard article "Localizing the Orchard Application and Orchard Modules":
All strings in the Orchard application are output through a single T() method that can look up a translated string based on the default site culture.

from the orchard article "How Orchard Works":
Localization of the application and its modules is done by wrapping string resources in a call to the T method: <%: T("This string can be localized") %>

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