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[SOLVED] mac boot camp windows 8.1 can't select text, context menu pops up

i installed windows 8.1 through boot camp on my mac (mavericks) and was having trouble selecting text because when i would select something, then hold left finger in to be able to select more text by using my second finger, a context menu would pop up right away when i tried expanding the selected text by moving my second finger.

i finally figured out how to configure the keyboard settings through boot camp so that text selection and expansion works as described above:

1. open "boot camp control panel" in windows

2. select the "trackpad" tab

configure it as shown in the image above:
One Finger > Tap to click: unchecked
One Finger > Secondary clickchecked > choose either Bottom right corner or Bottom left corner
Two Fingers > Secondary clickunchecked

click Apply or OK

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