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[SOLVED] eclipse jsf attribute autocomplete not working for primefaces tag p:toolbarGroup: "no default proposals"

I debugging some weird eclipse behavior today: the "jsf attribute autocomplete" functionality (ctrl+space inside a primefaces tag) didn't seem to work today in a particular file i was coding.

i had the following simple code:
<p:toolBarGroup ...

but when i'd invoke autocomplete for available attributes for that tag, eclipse was just returning "no default proposals".

i finally figured out 2 things that were wrong in the file:

* the <html ...> tag was missing the primefaces library namespace declaration (and was the old code from our app's previous jsf framework, richfaces), so i had to add it:

<html xmlns=""

* also, we're converting our app from richfaces to primefaces, so the old code was:
<rich:toolBarGroup ...

but the primefaces tag documentation/api for p:toolbarGroup uses a lowercase "b", instead of uppercase "B" in "toolbar", i.e.:
<p:toolbarGroup ...

so, the case of the tag name was the problem bc tag names are case-sensitive.

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