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[SOLVED] eclipse f3 not working with multiple faces-config.xml

I have the jboss tools jsf plugin installed in eclipse. I have a war module with a faces-config.xml, but eclipse doesn't seem to be able to see my managed-bean(s) there, because when i hit F3 on a managed bean name in JSF, nothing happens. However, F3 works fine for managed beans in another module of the same project, even if i use those beans in the same JSF page inside my war module.

What's weird is I can F3 the class in the faces-config.xml that eclipse doesn't seem to see.

I haven't figured out how to fix this one. Anyone ever experience this? (SEE UPDATES BELOW FOR WORKAROUND SOLUTION)

additional relevant keywords: jsf xhtml eclipse can't open managed bean selection

UPDATE 20130514

when i reconfigured jsf capabilities in eclipse i got up a dialogue box asking if i wanted to configure faces servlet automatically in web.xml and one of the text fields was the path to the faces-config.xml file, so this seems to imply that it isn't possible to have F3 functionality for more than one faces-config.xml :( (SEE UPDATE BELOW FOR WORKAROUND SOLUTION)

UPDATE 20130516
so as a workaround, if you have multiple faces-config.xml files (e.g. FC1, FC2), then you need to copy those managed-bean entries from FC2 to FC1 (FC1 is the faces-config.xml that you specified in your main project's "Project Facets" > "JavaServer Faces" / JSF Capabilities configuration (see above image).

i've submitted this as a bug to eclipse.

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