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sahi - how to verify elements in new window (popup)

in our company's application we have a link that opens a new google maps window showing the GPS coordinates location of a transport request party.

i want to assert that the output is correct, so here's how i did it:

function view_tnt_trip_event_loc($tripId, $trip_event_loc) {
    $google_maps_window_prefix = $trip_event_loc+" - Google Maps";
    _popup($google_maps_window_prefix)._assert(_containsText(_textbox("gbqfq"), $trip_event_loc));


$trip_event_loc is a text string GPS coordinate, e.g.: "59.7692516149341,10.25079422084966"

$google_maps_window_prefix is simply the window title, e.g.:
"59.7692516149341,10.25079422084966 - Google Maps"

gbqfq is google's id for the maps window search textbox.

NOTE: when you run a sahi script that opens a new window, a new Sahi Controller window opens up for that new window. there you can find the _popup(identifier) (window title) in the "Prefix" field in the "Record" tab of that new Sahi Controller window.

thanks to this page for pointing me in the right direction:
How to switch between child and parent windows?

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