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how to install RHQ and create default rhq postgresql database


install postgresql:
sudo apt-get install postgresql
sudo passwd postgres
sudo adduser rhqadmin
su - postgres
psql template1
create database rhq;
psql rhq
create user rhqadmin with password 'mysecretpw';
grant all privileges on database rhq to rhqadmin;

fyi: how to log into the database:
su - rhqadmin
psql -d rhq -U rhqadmin

set RHQ_SERVER_JAVA_HOME in ~/.bashrc:
echo "export RHQ_SERVER_JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk-amd64" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

generate encoded password value for <rhq-install-dir>/bin/ > rhq.server.database.password (line 8):
cd ~/Downloads/rhq-server-4.5.1/bin
chmod +x
./ --dbpassword=mysecretpw

// output
Encoded password: 5190c896b298c0f6d669b731438ce42e331761a902fa3908

paste this encoded value into <rhq-install-dir>/bin/ > rhq.server.database.password (line 8)

NOTE: : DO NOT PUT rhq.autoinstall.enabled=true , leave it as "false"

start rhq server:
./ start

open in web browser:

click the link to continue installation

enter the clear-text db password (not the encoded one)

click "test connection"

click "install server"

username: rhqadmin
password: rhqadmin

change the default password:
administration > users
click "rhqadmin"
change password

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