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how and where to manually install eclipse in ubuntu 12.04

some people say to install optional programs in /opt
some people say to install them in /usr/local

i'll show you how to install them in /usr/local because applications there don't get overwritten by updates.

1. get eclipse, download it (e.g. Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers, Linux 64-bit) and unpack it (nautilus > right click on file > extract here)
let's assume the unpacked folder is here:

you is your user's home directory, a.k.a. ~/

2. move eclipse to /usr/local:

sudo mv ~/Downloads/eclipse /usr/local/

3. create a simlink for the eclipse executable in the /usr/local/bin folder:
sudo ln -s /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse /usr/local/bin/eclipse

we do this so that when we enter the run dialog (Alt+F2), we can just type eclipse and hit enter, to start eclipse

you can, additionally, add a link to the unity launcher if you prefer to start it that way.

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