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gimp - how to make a black and white transparent font non-transparent

i have the following font:

it looks like it will be solid white with black outline, but when you put it on top of another layer in gimp, the white is actually transparent (no white color):

so, if we want the text to be white with a black outline, then click the text tool (A) and select the color black, then type in your text, as shown in the above image.

click the "select by color" tool:

click anywhere in the text layer (except, of course on the black text):

now everything but the black text is selected.

now click the "bucket fill tool" and select the color white: 

hold in the shift key and select anywhere in the text layer (except, of course on the black text):

now click the "fuzzy select" tool:

and click somewhere in the white in the text layer, outside of the letters:

press the delete key. now your text is filled with white:

finished product:

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