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openldap ldapadd how to add an organizational unit (ou) or Group item

here's what my LDAP hierarchy looks like:

here's how to add a new organizationalunit (ou=):
ldapadd -xWvD cn=adminUsername,dc=companyName,dc=com -f disabledUsersAsOU.ldif

disabledUsersAsOU.ldif contents:

cn: ou=DisabledUsers,dc=companyName,dc=com
ou: DisabledUsers
objectClass: top
objectclass: organizationalunit

or if you want to add a new group in the organizationalunit Groups (ou=Groups) instead:
ldapadd -xWvD cn=adminUsername,dc=companyName,dc=com -f disabledUsersAsGroup.ldif

disabledUsersAsGroup.ldif contents:

dn: cn=DisabledUsers,ou=Groups,dc=companyName,dc=com
cn: DisabledUsers
objectClass: top
objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames

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