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ubuntu 11.10 configure multiple desktops, laptop to external monitor with hdmi cable

in ubuntu 11.10 unity, in order to connect my laptop to an LG flatron L246WH monitor that i've rotated to the left so it stands tall, on its side, you have to first enable ubuntu's fglrx driver using jockey-gtk. then open system settings > displays, then select the goldstar company ltd 24" monitor and choose rotation: clockwise. (note: these settings get saved in ~/.config/monitors.xml)

then every time you switch between single and dual desktop mode you have to (at least when switching back to dual mode) go into displays again and set it up.

to automate this process, i made a script i use in a terminal to quickly and easily switch between single and dual desktop mode, called xto:

put the script here:

make sure you set it to executable:
chmod +x ~/xto

to set system to dual mode:
cd./xto -m

to set system to single desktop mode:
cd./xto -s

below are the configuration files for single and desktop modes that the script copies to set things up, depending on the command line arg you send to xto.


place these files in ~/Documents

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