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richfaces rich hotkey backspace navigation disabling not working [SOLVED]

i was debugging a page where i used a rich hotkey tag to disable backspace from navigating backwards in the browser history, using this code:
<!-- disable backspace navigation in e.g. IE -->
<rich:hotKey key="backspace" handler="return false;" disableInInput="true" />

but every time i clicked on this link to show a panel, then pushed backspace (all on the same page of code as the rich hotkey tag), backspace would still navigate backwards as long as i didnt click on the new panel (set focus on the new panel). i figured out that the problem was the use of oncomplete (not my code):
<a4j:commandLink ajaxSingle="true" id="editlink" oncomplete="#{rich:component('editPanel')}.show()">

so i changed it to onclick and then it worked! =)

<a4j:commandLink ajaxSingle="true" id="editlink" onclick="#{rich:component('editPanel')}.show()">

if you still need to use oncomplete instead of onclick, then see my article richfaces rich hotkey backspace navigation disabling not working with oncomplete [SOLVED]

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