The best place to ask programming/development questions, imo. UPDATE: stackoverflow is the *worst* place to *ask* questions (if your first question/comment doesn't get any up-rating/response, then u can't ask anymore questions--ridiculously unrealistic), but a great reference for finding answers.

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moving my vbulletin forum here

the vbulletin version i'm using on The Royal Nick Humphrey Global World IT Forum, Home Edition is getting old now and i dont want to pay for a new one/upgrade.

last week my post table got corrupted, "coincidentally" right after i put a link in my signature to my website with lesser-known information, in norwegian, about the mormon church, that they dont want you or their members to know about. my website is called mormonerne. i suspect that someone from the church has tried to shut my site down, but i cant prove it. the exmormon site has had a lot of attacks so it's not unlikely, but it got me to thinking about security in general--it might be good to move my forum to a place like blogger, owned by google, where it would be harder for a hacker to do damage. so EAT THAT mormon hacker trash (if it was a mormon) lol =)

so all my new posts and IT tutorials will be posted here from now on.

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